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A message from Sebastian

Hello Friends! Wow, today was the first anniversary of our show at the Generation Prog Festival! On the 23rd of September last year we set the “Luise” in Nuremberg on fire! That was an epic experience and especially for me a really special day in my life as a musician: My first time on stage…

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News, Gigs and other oddities!

Hey people! Now, that the waves from the recent changes have calmed a little, what’s new in Camp Efflo? Well, we recently started a nice little give-away-game on Facebook, where one lucky person could win one of our stunning new shirts ! Congratulations to the winner, Michaela, enjoy your new favourite shirt! You see, following…

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Pedal to the metal!

Hey friends! Well, it’s been pretty quiet here for a while, right? We took some time to digest the recent developments and the pretty emotional farewell but we kinda did it our way, which means: We’ve been writing some quite exciting music and rehearsing a lot with our new gun, Chris, in order to develop…

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Our new guitar hero!

Howdy, well, here he is! We proudly announce our new guitarist Chris:  Let’s hear what the man has to say about joining Effloresce, eh? (English version) “Hi Folks, how did that happen?? Just when you are peacefully listening to Effloresce’s debut album Coma Ghosts on heavy rotation, suddenly some guy, Dave, knocks on your door…

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