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Happy Birthday “Coma Ghosts”!

Hey Gang! Woohoo, so it’s already been two years since our little baby has been unleashed to please your ears, huh? Amazing how time flies and pretty amazing as well how much joy and wonderful things this album has brought to us! The recording process already was a blast, the release show even more… lots…

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News, news, news!

Hey rascals! About time for some updates! First of all, seems like you dig our webshop, huh? Yeah that’s right, this one right here: EFFLO-SHOP We got quite  a few orders for discs and tees lately, so thanks so much for supporting us and saving us from going broke! The nice thing about this shop…

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News, Gigs and other oddities!

Hey people! Now, that the waves from the recent changes have calmed a little, what’s new in Camp Efflo? Well, we recently started a nice little give-away-game on Facebook, where one lucky person could win one of our stunning new shirts ! Congratulations to the winner, Michaela, enjoy your new favourite shirt! You see, following…

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