2012 February

What now?

Hey folks! Well, it’s been over two weeks now and we’re still a bit shaken by the sheer mass of energy and good vibes during the release show for Coma Ghosts. Once again to all of you who celebrated that very special evening with us: a huge THANK YOU!!! But that should have only been…

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Gosh! We carefully hoped that a lot of people would show up to see us on 10 February, but we did not expect THAT! The place was frigging crowded! Oh boy, we’re still a bit speechless… Thanks so much to EVERYONE who showed up, enjoyed the show and partied with us, you made this an…

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Coma Ghosts is out!

Holy cow, it’s done! And not only that, but you can now also get the download version for 10 Euros! Simply go to http://effloresce.bandcamp.com/ and click on “Buy now”! And some more pretty amazing reviews flying in here: Review on www.soniccathedral.com (9.5/10) Review on seaoftranquility.org (4/5) Additionally, Effloresce will haunt the legendary halls of Zosh!, Nuremberg’s…

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