2013 April


Hi friends, this is Nicki calling… Let’s take a ride over to the 4th chapter of our Gig-Diary. Station: „Das Rind“ in Rüsselsheim. It was a very special and tough gig for me. Let’s have a small retrospect: On 18 March we played this awesome gig with Beyond the Bridge in our “living room“ –…

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GIG-DIARY (PT. III) // Goodies

Hola people of the internet! Before we get to the third installment of our little gig-diary, let me tell you about two very very cool things that happened in the last couple of days: #1: Coma Ghosts has been voted “best Prog-Metal album of 2012” by YOU over at www.therocktologist.com, ahead of amazing acts like…

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Gig-Diary (Pt. II)

Happy Easter and whathaveyou, ready for the next part of our tour diary? Here we go… – 9 March, Rattenloch, Herdorf (with Ex Libris & Fireburst) – Alright, the name of the venue can be translated into „rat hole“. Before the gig, we kept asking ourselves if this should imply any characteristics of the venue,…

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