New face on the bass


time for some non-album news, there’s also a lot going on apart from recording at the moment!

You might have noticed that this page looks somewhat different compared to the last time you accidentally came by here…and indeed something changed. In anticipation of the release of our album, we give you an impression what to expect visually from the record, some new tweaks here and there plus some fine new pictures of ourselves.
Speaking of which, apparently there is a new guy on those pictures…what’s that all about? Well…

At this point we would like to solemnly introduce our new bassist Sebastian (or “Bass-T”)! Towering over us with over 2 metres, we call him “the little one”. The question of bouncers at future live gigs should be solved now. As you will see in his musical biography, he has picked up the bass not a very long time ago, but already we see him developing into a dedicated bass animal who really can identify himself with the instrument. Check the “Band”-section to learn more about this guy. We are quite happy with him, welcome to the family dude! His live debut will pass off at the Generation Prog Festival on 23 September, so be nice, or he will eat you.

Speaking of which, not long until this great event finally happens. The promotion-machinery is getting into top gear, flyers and posters are to be plastering the city, tickets and hotel rooms are being preordered, and the excitement grows. Be sure to not miss this, since nobody knows when a package like this will grace a stage again! For more info, go to



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