Generation Awesome!! Next show: 14 October – Erlangen, E-Werk!


We’re still a bit speechless when thinking about the show on Friday…you guys just made this an unforgettable evening for us. The reactions we got from you were beyond awesome…thanks so much for coming, you guys just rocked! We expect some more pics and also some reviews of the whole event within the next few days, so drop in now and then to check that out. We also would like to thank Michael Schetter of Relocator for making this whole event possible! The whole thing was a big success, so hats off to anyone who showed up and supported this. Without you this would not have been possible at all. Alright now, enough of the maudlin….

However, we do not rest on our laurels (at least this time). If you plead guilty to missing us at Generation Prog, we shall show mercy this time. Local Modern Rock/Metal act M.I. God has invited us to share the stage together with them at their tenth anniversary show, which will be on 14 October 2011 at the E-Werk, Erlangen! Be there or be…there! And don’t forget that our EP/Shirt-deal will be available there as well.

By the way, you guys tore a pretty big hole in our shirt-contingent, haha!  We still have every size on-hand, but there’s not too much stuff left. Which means that they are even more limited now, so get ’em while you can!

See you there folks, and thanks again for the incredible night.


tha female fronted fiddly fellas


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