Moving forward

Hey people!

Lots of stuff going on in Camp Effloresce right now, see yourself:

1. Finally we have some details about our next show, check it out: EFFLORESCE will open the evening on Friday, October 14th around 8pm, doors are open at 7pm. So make sure you arrive in time and enjoy our set! Nurembergs Powermetal-Act SAVAGE CROW will follow us and at about 22:30pm local heroes m.i.god will hit the stage to celebrate their 10th anniversary plus the release of their new record! Many former musicians of any stage of their career will join them on stage to make this special evening even more special. Well, you can imagine we’re glad to party with them and all of you who show up! Tickets cost 8,- EUR by the way and speaking of business: of course you can buy our EP or shirts (or both together in our special offer!) on this very evening, but hurry! There aren’t many shirts left and they will remain exclusive for quite a while, if not forever!

2. As you already might have seen, there is a fancy new button on the right hand side here. Mailing list, huh? Why that? Well…just to give you a compact news-round-up every month and inform you about special shows, new merch, album-progress and lots of other stuff. Easy and comfortable in your mailbox. Feel free to sign up and join the family! 100% spam-free by the way!

3. Since we achieved an amazing third place (with your help, THANKS!) in last month‚Äôs poll on we are about to go for the top now! But again we need your support to make it happen! So pretty please: Go to and click on the “VOTE”-Button next to our name and description. It’s allowed to vote once a day – please do so if you can! Having an over 8 minute Prog Metal song featured in the more or less regular radio world is just too unbelievable (and funny) to be true. So if you vote regularly, they have to keep that song spinning, haha!

4. Pictures of our show at the fantastic Generation Prog Festival 2011 can soon be found in the LIVE-Section here on our page. Make sure you check them out! Some really nice shots there, the photographers did a very good job. I mean, even WE look like humans on those pics… stunning!

5. Last but not least some news from the album-kitchen: We will record the final parts – namely some guitars and bass – during the next couple of weeks and want to hand them over to our mysterious sound-magician in mid-November. Actually we even agreed on a title for the baby just a few hours ago, but we want to let it sink in a while before we publish details like that.

Well, you see, the Effloresce-Mothership is constantly moving on. Join us in that amazing journey guys, that makes it just even more awesome for all of us!

Dave from the cave


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