Confirmed for BandNight Festival [Vol. 8] + News


Again it’s time for a short news update about what’s cooking here. First of all, those of you who get our newsletter already know that there was a poll at the Schleuder Nuernberg.
People could vote the bands which will play at this year’s edition of the Bandnight-Festival in the Luise Cultfactory on 3 December 2011. That’s right, the nice venue in which the first Generation Prog-Festival took off earlier this year! And the good news reached us a couple of days ago: We’re placed first in that voting! Wow. We will share the stage with some well known colleagues of the local music scene, including Days of Judgement, Shattered Remains, re:load, Oceanic and Hyrax. So be sure to check that out and see for yourself what the music scene in this area has to offer!

Well then, the album of course! We’re making good progress so far, which means that the nerve-wrecking recording sessions should finally be done in about a week. There’s no sense in recording much longer anyway since we’d probably end up in the looney bin.
However, we’ve already heard the rough mix of one song on which our Swedish sound-wizard laid his hands on. There were some comments in the past that our EP has a good sound quality to it, and well, wait until you hear the album! We’re pretty much blown away by how this record will apparently sound like in the end.

Last but not least, just a couple of hours ago we came back from a nice photo shoot with our buddy Tobias Stich, who already made our pics at the Generation Prog concerts. So expect some new eye-candy any time soon!

Drummer guy


UPDATE: Looks like we really owned that Voting and got the most overall-points throughout the whole year, check out the official voting result! AWESOME! Thanks to all of you!


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