Christmas present on the way

Hi there,

everyone ready for the big news? If you’re again unsatisfied with the annual presents of your relatives like underpants and kitchen sets, we have something you can look forward to. This Christmas we will drop our bombshell, meaning that in about a week we will reveal the first details of the upcoming album! Yes Sir, it is eventually done. After working on the final details during the last few days, we can finally announce that everything is recorded and approved. And not only that, but the bulk of the record is already mixed and received the „approved“-stamp as well. Which means, the whole thing will me mastered and see the pressing plant very soon. Thank God, we cannot hear that stuff anymore.
There will be weekly updates concerning more details of the album until it is released, so make sure to check our pages regularly. We’re now hopping into the promotion-train! Join us, there are still some seats available.

So long,
Little Drummer Boy


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