Coma Ghosts – cover and tracklist!

Here we go again!

Check out the cover of our upcoming album Coma Ghosts, brought to life by the band’s own graphics department (Nicki & Dave):


Cool, eh? But that’s not all for today. We proudly present the tracklist of the album! There will be six songs on the record, giving it a total running time of 54:20.

01. Crib (8:12)
02. Spectre Pt. 1: Zorya’s Dawn (10:34)
03. Pavement Canvas (8:58)
04. Undercoat (2:54)
05. Swimming through Deserts (7:11)
06. Shuteye Wanderer (16:31)

More updates to follow next weekend!

Bye for now,
tha drummaah


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