Making of Coma Ghosts Pt. 1! + podcast on Prog Sphere & reviews

This is what happens if we get our hands on a camcorder…
We just couldn’t resist to film a bit of nonsense – and also Coma Ghosts’ recording process! Enjoy the first part of our “M(ist)aking Of”-series, which was filmed at Music Mountain Studios and edited by the band’s own movie department (Tobi):

In addition, our fellas at Prog Sphere have launched a new edition of their “Awesome Cast” over at this place:’s-awesomecast-episode-13-–-prog-sphere-promotions-pt-2/

There are two songs from each band, so there’s a lot to discover. The big treat for you: it features another song of Coma Ghosts, namely “Swimming through Deserts”!

Eventually, we already have some reviews for the album! And they’re not even that negative, to say the least:
(A French one, so we hardly understand a word. However, the rating says us they apparently enjoy it.)

That’s right, more updates next week!


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