Versions of the album! + “Making of Coma Ghosts” – part 2

Surprise, Saturday this time!

Some people have already asked us if there will be different versions of the album, and today we can announce that there will be indeed two versions!
The standard jewel case, and a special edition which comes in a slipcase plus some neat goodies!

Coma Ghosts - Standard Edition

Coma Ghosts - Special Edition

More information to be announced soon: pre-orders, prices, and where you can actually get it.
Of course it will also be available for download-purchase!

Up next is the second part of our award-winning documentary about the recording sessions of Coma Ghosts, again edited by the band’s own movie department . Here you go:

Last but not least, a big thank you to Harald Schmidt of Progdependent, the progressive radio show on afk.max Nuremberg! We came by last Sunday and had a blast, to say the least. We also have some pictures our facebook page, feel free to take a look:

Guess what? More news next week!


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