Preorder our album Coma Ghosts! + “Making of Coma Ghosts” part 3

Whew, we’re entering crunch mode now! Only a few days left…

Today we have special present for you guys: You can officially preorder our album “Coma Ghosts” now!
There are two ways to do that: Either write us a mail as usual ( and tell us which version you want, or head over to the online shop of Generation Prog Records:

Generation Prog Online Shop

  • Regular Jewelcase coming with a 24-page booklet: 12 Euros plus shipping
  • Special Edition coming with a 24-page booklet, slipcase, Effloresce card deck and sticker: 15 Euros plus shipping (available exclusively at the Generation Prog Online Shop or via direct order from us!)

Note that you also can get our EP “Shades of Fate” there as well (7 Euros plus shipping)!

Every order which is finalized (ordered & paid) until Wednesday, 8 February, will be shipped before the release date!
However, if you can’t wait for your CD to arrive, ask for a free download in your order mail. By doing that we will make the download version available for you, so you can have a listen before the physical CD is in your mailbox!

And here comes the third and final part of our Making-of series:



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