What now?

Hey folks!

Well, it’s been over two weeks now and we’re still a bit shaken by the sheer mass of energy and good vibes during the release show for Coma Ghosts. Once again to all of you who celebrated that very special evening with us: a huge THANK YOU!!!

But that should have only been the start for some more good times in the near future, people! We are planning some really really nice things for the upcoming weeks/months and as usual you will learn about them here first. Without giving away any details, let me tell you that we are currently working on some different types of “surprises” for your pleasure and hopefully you’ll dig ’em all! So, watch this place, come back often and feel free to speculate what we may have up our sleeves, hehe!

You’ve probably already seen that I’m using a wonderful custom-made guitar from Mayones. It will take some time until they set up my artist page over at, but feel free to check out my new baby on those promotional pics. Isn’t it lovely?




Besides that, Tobi and me have been asked to talk about our favorite records from 2011 by and THIS is what we think! Agree?

best regards from
Dave the guitar guy


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