New website! + pics of Tim’s farewell-gig

Howdy folks!

First of all, thank you all for coming to Tim’s last show with us this past Saturday! This was a very special night for us, and if you couldn’t make it, we have a load of awesome photos on facebook for you to check out. Thanks to the awesome photographers Ralph Jeske and Christos Bertsos!

Ralph’s photos¬† // ¬†Christos’ photos

And wait a minute…this looks kinda different here, doesn’t it? Indeed, you smart fella! As last Saturday marked the start of a new era for Effloresce, we decided to give our homepage a huge facelift to make it even more obvious. Note that this page will grow richer in detail during the next few days and weeks, but for now you can marvel at the new design, widgets for streaming our music and a new discography section. Furthermore, you can look forward to our own online shop, which will be launched soon on this very page.


Tha drumma


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