Pedal to the metal!

Hey friends!

Well, it’s been pretty quiet here for a while, right? We took some time to digest the recent developments and the pretty emotional farewell but we kinda did it our way, which means: We’ve been writing some quite exciting music and rehearsing a lot with our new gun, Chris, in order to develop some sort of a writing-chemistry and just see how we get along musically. And man it feels good! Being back in songwriting-land after a year or so is amazing and we’re full of ideas and freshness. Let’s see where all of that will lead us! An exciting journey it is, let me tell ya!

Besides that 4/5 of us attended the amazing Night of the Prog last weekend, met some good friends, a lot of new cool people and generally had a great time! It would be plain amazing to play there once ourselves! Feel free to bug the organizers and promoters and make them book us for next year or so! 😉
Oh, and there has been some sort of “incident” during the Haken-Show, but watch yourself (at ca. 2:45)

Coma Ghosts is still receiving lots of excellent reviews and we collect all of them here on our wonderful discography-page. The latest addition is exceptionally cool so we want to share it with you now and here! Check out Marcel Haster’s Video-Review of Coma Ghosts: CLICK ME Thanks a lot, mate! A pleasure to watch and your excitement is always contagious!

Speaking of reviews we have one more special thingy for ya! Besides the first Coma-Ghosts-Review in Italian HERE there also is an insightful interview with Nicki just OVER HERE  also in Italian.

Okay guys, that’s it for the moment! We will keep on working hard in the background and will hopefully be able to announce some shows for the fall of 2012 soon. Now back to the rehearsal room, songwriting-mode on, full throttle!



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