News, Gigs and other oddities!

Hey people!

Now, that the waves from the recent changes have calmed a little, what’s new in Camp Efflo?

Well, we recently started a nice little give-away-game on Facebook, where one lucky person could win one of our stunning new shirts ! Congratulations to the winner, Michaela, enjoy your new favourite shirt!

You see, following us on Facebook is not a bad thing at all :)! Just hit that link and press that like-button as hard as you can:

Then Nicki had a cool interview with the Danish guys from MetalProvider (thanks guys) with some nice insights. Definitely worth reading ! Check it out HERE!

So now that the summer season is almost over, we can confirm some gigs for autumn and winter:
First we will be playing for you at the yearly “Herbst Metalfest” on September 29th in H√∂chstadt, Germany, where we will rock the stage with Dry Vapour, Crashing Crew, Serpent Sin and Winterstorm. Looking forward to seeing all of you!
And on December 14th we will be on stage for you in Darmstadt, Germany, at a location called “Goldene Krone”. More details for that gig are around the corner. Anyway, no worries if it’s cold outside, the stage will be on fire :)!

We also continue to work on our webshop, new pictures and videos for our youtube-channel, where you soon not only can hear us, but then also see us in motion!

Speaking of hearing : Songwriting also continues quite a lot, ideas are turned into parts, parts into songs. Yay! Quite cool stuff we can tell you!

So, despite holiday season we are restless and continue working, writing, playing and rehearsing for you out there :)

Cheers Chris


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