A bunch of news…

Ho ho ho!

Winter has come over Germany and its freaking cold out there….brrrrr.
Anyway, we have some hot stuff for you guys:

Recently we played in Höchstadt on the yearly Herbst-Metalfest. We were the first band in the line-up and could warm up the crowd for the other
bands: Serpent Sin, Winterstorm, Hyrax and Dry Vapour!
I think we managed quite good! You actually can check that out on your own by clicking this link:
There you will find some snippets from the show and an interview with Tobi, Sebastian and myself including  some of our epic bad jokes. It’s in German, but I guess you will enjoy it anyway. Maybe we can participate again next year, we will see.

An opportunity to watch us on stage is coming up soon, because on the 14th of December we will once more share the stage with Arven and rock the “Goldene Krone” in Darmstadt. Yay!

There are also plans for some gigs next year (what?? 2012 is over already?? damn…). We will tell you how, where, with whom and last but not least when, soon enough of course. Here or on facebook:

Just in case you missed it, because you are NOT following us on Facebook, there are some new nice reviews in the World Wide Web:
Over there:
Annnnnd there:
Damn, we are really happy!!

We are also really happy about an invitation to the AFK Max radio station, which has a monthly regional charts broadcast. Next one will be on 4th of December! The show starts at 6pm, and we will be their guest from around 7pm. We’re ready to get holed by questions and are quite excited! :) The website of the station is here:

Click and listen!

Anyway, I hope some of you feel a little warmer now.



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