2012 roundup // Merry Christmas and a happy 2013!

Hey friends!

It’s Christmas-time and that’s usually a good time to sit down and take a look back at what happened during the past 12 months. Well, in our case a lot happened in that time! Tons of good and exciting stuff, some less cool stuff as well of course – like life itself – being in a band is a breathtaking rollercoaster-ride with all those ups and downs.

First and foremost a huge THANK YOU to all of you guys out there who supported us so far and will keep on doing so in the future! Finally you make all of this possible and worth it after all. Among lots of wonderful things that happened to us in 2012 the overall response to our album “Coma Ghosts” from fans and critics absolutely stands out I guess. I mean, yeah… we have been confident that we have a bunch of nice songs, but wooohooo… Dan Swanö made them sound better than we would have ever thought is possible (especially special thankies, man!) and the CD-release-party has been simply beyond amazing! Once we’ve sent the finished discs out to people everywhere in the world we pretty much only received praise and respect. Believe me: You have no idea how good THAT feels, people! You put a lot of effort, time, money and blood & sweat in the creation of such an album. Unbelievably cool when people dig it once it’s done…
Big bummer though, that our buddy Tim had to leave the band due to some job-related circumstances. But of course we also celebrated that big time with a farewell-gig as well and though he’s not an active member of Effloresce anymore we’re still buddies and his contribution the collection of songs that became “Coma Ghosts” can’t be taken away from him anymore. So: a huuuuge THANK YOU goes out to you, Timmy!
Luckily we found another extremely cool dude who joined the band shortly after Tim’s departure and filled the gap like a boss! You’ll hear what this chap is up to once we play some new tunes for you, folks! Once more: Welcome to the family, Chris! You rule!

Well, that was 2012 in a nutshell. Exciting and mostly happy times!

What’s going on in 2013? Good question! We don’t know exactly of course, otherwise we’d be prophets or travellers in time or something… what we DO know already: We’ll be doing more gigs than ever probably! Make sure you check out our “Live”-Page regularly! As for now we have 5 gigs confirmed, but we’re working on many more for the first half of 2013, so you’ll have plenty of chances to see us live, enjoy our music, hang out with us and whatnot!
PLUS: Effloresce will turn 5 years in 2013 so we probably also will celebrate that in some way! Nothing is fixed yet, but we make up our minds and hope to come up with something special and unique.
And of course we have many many ideas floating around which are supposed to turn into new tunes one day and hopefully make a good follow-up to “Coma Ghosts” some time in the future. So far for the rough plans for 2013! You see: Awesome times ahead!

Last but not least we all want to thank you for all the support, all the special moments we shared, your comments & messages, pretty much everything you did to let us know what you think about us, our music and everything related.
We wish you a wonderful Christmas-time, a few days full of love, peace and tons unhealthy food and hope to see you out there in 2013!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, friends!

Dave // Effloresce


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