Gig-Diary (Pt. I)

Hi folks!

Phew, our „March-Tour“ is over people, so it’s time for a little retrospect! This is only the first part, which will be followed by some more in the next few days. Without further ado, it went something like this…

– 2 March,  Abraxas-Theatre, Augsburg (with Dante & Dawnspiller) –

We rehearsed, rehearsed, rehearsed and rehearsed. The band is fit, well prepared and ready to rock. Everyone is pretty excited how this will turn out. It’s the first show in three weeks, so we’ve been out of the live-situation for a while now. Which is never a good thing, because you kinda loose the feeling for it. However, you can rehearse as much as you want, but things are always a little different on stage…

We arrive at the venue and are quite impressed. The stage is on ground-level, and the audience is seated higher than us, like in an amphitheatre. A new situation for us, but it just looks so cool. Speaking of cool, the people in Dante and Dawnspiller are fun to work with, so the greatly feared process of setting up lots of equipment is flowing quite well (apart from some initial problems with in-ear monitoring).  We even have time for an extensive soundcheck, which doesn’t happen too often.

Dinner time in the restaurant next door…damn, a crate of water would be nice now!

Doors open. The show is well attended, and Dawnspiller start the evening with their cool Prog-Rock/Metal mixture. We’re warming up backstage and occasionally watch Dawnspiller from there.

Last song, then Dawnspiller is done and receives a warm and well-earned applause. Our turn now. The usual rush with changing the equipment. Luckily there’s plenty of space on the stage, so the (again) greatly feared process of stumbling all over each other is minimised. Everyone’s ready, and we wish each other all the best. Like some extremely dangerous undertaking lies ahead of us :-D. „See you on the other side, guys!“

Ready  – set – go! The intro of „Crib“ is rolling, and we blast our set into the audience. Even some hair is flying – that’s what I’m talking about! The „adrenaline-effect“ kicks in, which means that it feels like we’re playing the songs much slower than they actually are. Whoever invented the metronome, thanks a bunch. Playing goes well, apart from some minor fuck ups, which probably no one besides us is able to hear. Hopefully :-D! We close with „Shuteye Wanderer“, that’s it! One bow to the audience, a round of applause and….we hear the word „encore“ getting louder and louder. „Alright, people! Pavement Canvas for you, but only if you get off those seats and join the  flying-hair-club!“ No sooner said than done. One last burst of energy into the crowd, supported by several headbangers! Made it!

After a few beers, some nice chats with newly found fans and watching Dante (plus a great pole dance-performance!), we come to the conclusion that this was one great evening. Thanks so much, people of Augsburg!


Check out more photos of that show over HERE!



  • Alex on said:

    Hey, ihr habt an diesem Abend Augsburg mal sauber gerockt! War eine klasse Sache. :-) Wir (DANTE) waren an dem Abend, da wir das Konzert ja auch veranstaltet haben, ein wenig gestresst bzw wortkarger als sonst glaube ich – sorry dafür. Umso mehr freuts uns, dass euch der Abend gefallen hat. Und nächstes Mal gibts auch einen Wasser- bzw Bierkasten im Backstage – versprochen. 😉

    War jedenfalls eine geile Show von euch im Abraxas!

    Bis bald,

    Alex (DANTE/vocals)

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