Gig-Diary (Pt. II)

Happy Easter and whathaveyou,

ready for the next part of our tour diary? Here we go…

– 9 March, Rattenloch, Herdorf (with Ex Libris & Fireburst) –

Alright, the name of the venue can be translated into „rat hole“. Before the gig, we kept asking ourselves if this should imply any characteristics of the venue, e.g. appearance or odour. Well, little did we know that smoking is allowed there…not too beneficial for a non-smoking band, let alone a singer’s vocal chords.

Anyway, no time to bitch. Drums are being set up and soundchecked as we arrive, while everything else is in the cars. Shortly after our arrival, the guys ’n gal from Ex Libris turn up as well. It takes only a few minutes to realise that our stupid humours match perfectly, hence we get along pretty well to say the least :-D. So, let the carrying-fun begin! Still no roadies around, rats!

What also takes only a few minutes to realise is the fact that the owner of the venue (who also is the soundman and bartender at the same time) is kinda…well, let’s say „difficult“ to work with. For example, if you have a band like Ex Libris from the Netherlands, it might be a good idea to communicate with them in English. Which does not really seem to cross the mind of mentioned soundman. So, with a little translating-help from our side, we slowly can set up the in-ear systems, do soundcheck, and so on. But not unless we can convince the soundman again and again to drag himself away from his beloved pinball machine, and instead to operate his mixing console. Jeez…there are a lot of other things which are better not mentioned here,  because otherwise this text would fill pages. In a nutshell, if you want to play and need someone who actually knows what he is doing, you better give this venue a wide berth :-D.

Time goes by, and the Rattenloch is starting to fill slowly. The crowd is not too big though, hmm…whatever, all we can do is to go out there and rock the house! So, as no one seems to be interested in giving us the start signal, we decide to just go on stage. Slowly people seem to realise that there are actually playing some bands tonight :-D!

Haha, but did you think that we can just go on the stage and play? No way! As we plug in, we are greeted by a loud buzzing from the speakers, which has not been there during soundcheck. We smell a rat and ask the soundman to fix it, because it is impossible for us to play like this. And we wait. And wait. And wait…after several minutes, the sound wizard has still not solved the problem, so we leave the stage again. This cannot be happening.

Finally, after several minutes, the problem is not solved completely, but the buzzing has become a lot quieter. So we can start and try to make the best of it! Although the playing and performing goes quite well I’d say, there are not a lot of people in the audience who seem to care about what we are doing up there. Whatever, we just play our stuff as good as we can while seeing people chatting. But you know what…playing those songs is just so much fun, so we don’t really care, and you can’t win ’em all. There are a few people in the audience who seem to enjoy what we are doing, so we play for those guys!

After the gig, we are quite relieved that the show went so well. Now we are looking forward to see Fireburst and Ex Libris play, who both are fun to watch! Also, there is a lot fun going on backstage, which you can see on pictures like this one:

What an adventure! Thanks to Ex Libris, Fireburst and everyone who showed up and enjoyed the music, because nothing else matters!


Drummer Bunny


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