GIG-DIARY (PT. III) // Goodies

Hola people of the internet!

Before we get to the third installment of our little gig-diary, let me tell you about two very very cool things that happened in the last couple of days:

#1: Coma Ghosts has been voted “best Prog-Metal album of 2012” by YOU over at, ahead of amazing acts like “Meshuggah”, the “Devin Townsend Project”, “Headspace” and “Threshold”, which feels incredibly awesome and ridiculously unreal at the same time. So once more: THANK YOU for the support, we feel deeply honoured! Check out the voting results over HERE!

#2: Our fabulous lady has a facebook-artistpage now! Check it out over at, where she will treat you with lots of exclusive content like backstage-shenanigans, weird stories, lots of various photos and general adventures.


Having said that, let’s go back a few weeks and relive the third show in March:

– March 18th, MUZ Club, Nürnberg (with Beyond the Bridge) –

Well, playing a show in MUZ Club always feels like home for us. We’ve been gigging there a few times now, and everytime it’s been kinda special. The venue is small and cozy, actually like a big living room with a stage and a bar. Very cool, and it makes everyone instantly feel comfortable. Our friends from Beyond the Bridge make no exception here! Despite the fact that we’re gigging on a Monday (and the looming uncertainty about the outcome of that experiment) the overall mood is excellent and everyone is pumped.
If you have ever been at MUZ Club, you’ve probably realized that the stage is quite small as well, but we need to pack two drumkits and a huge mountain of keyboards there, plus our normal stuff like guitar and bass amps including cabs and so on… phew, tall order, but somehow we made it! And since there was a bit of space left on the wall behind Tobi’s drumkit, we unveiled our brandnew and flashy Effloresce-backdrop for the very first time, woohoo!
The show itself went pretty smooth, though there wasn’t too much space on stage for obvious reasons. But as usual we rocked our hearts out, gave 120% and the people who attended the show made it totally worth it! Thanks for that, folks! Nicki experienced some problems with her voice a few days before the show, but singing (and growling!) worked flawlessly that evening.
After we finished our set, we witnessed the awesomeness that is called “Beyond the  Bridge” and had a cool hang with the guys afterwards as well. They nailed the whole “The Old Man and the Spirit”-album, and their new female voice (at least for a bunch of gigs), Nastassja, did an outstanding job.
All in all a very nice evening “with family and friends” at one of our favorite venues. What more can you ask for on a Monday evening, huh?

So much for that gig, soon we will shed some light on a very very special show that happened on March 22nd at “Das Rind” in Rüsselsheim, so watch out, guys!
Dave // the six-string-tormentor


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