Hi friends, this is Nicki calling…

Let’s take a ride over to the 4th chapter of our Gig-Diary. Station: „Das Rind“ in Rüsselsheim.

It was a very special and tough gig for me.

Let’s have a small retrospect: On 18 March we played this awesome gig with Beyond the Bridge in our “living room“ – the MUZclub in Nuremberg – and had a blast on stage and backstage with the guys and the girl. Already on that evening (and the days after the show) my voice was almost gone, and I was afraid of how the gig in Rüsselsheim would turn out, if at all…

Well…I knew that I would only have about 3 days to recover…First day, second day… and instead of getting better, the voice was finally gone completely. On the next day I went to the doctor and told him my problem… well…he was a bungler guys, I can tell you that! The evening before the gig, I went to a specialist, an ENT physician. He gave me some cortisone (for the day before the gig and the gig day), and prohobited me to speak until the gig would start. So I took a bath, drank 5 liters of camomile tea and shut the fuck up…well, that was not easy for me.

Ok, the gig day had come and the voice… well it was a bit better, but I sounded like an old grating door…very funny for the people around me, but obviously not for me, lol.

Foto by: Klaus Wenzel

Foto by: Klaus Wenzel //

But: Rock ‘n’ Roll! We drove to Rüsselsheim, did a very short soundcheck (thanks to our sound wizard Max for making it happen! You rock!) and had to enter the stage a few minutes after that…no time for make-up or something, but I didn’t care because the cortisone gave me a wonderful complexion (like an overripe tomato). So no need for rouge, yay!

The situation on stage was very confusing. I had to control my non-existent voice, and we had to change our playlist spontaneously, because I couldn’t sing certain songs with that voice. So after each song I had to decide what I would be able to sing next. My poor boys, sorry for that again.

But wow, the crowd was amazing and they really loved what we did anyway, and they loved my voice as well. So everything went fine. I kept one (very special) person in my mind: He stood on the right side of the stage and sang along every song we played ^^. Yeeeehaw! That encouraged me to give my best, so I rocked my ass off! This lovely guy (we talked shortly after the gig) came from Brazil! FROM BRAZIL!!!! To see „Effloresce“ live on stage at this very evening. What a great honour! Thanks again, mate!

He wrote some lovely words about the show afterwards. You can find them here:

Nicki with a fanThere have been more special moments this evening: A lovely fan came to me and brought a printed picture of him and me on it (we met some weeks ago at „Das Rind“, when The Flower Kings and Neal Morse played a very nice gig, and me and him made this picture together ;-)). So, he asked me if I could sign it. Sure thing, man! 😉

Frank Alf, a very special friend, visited us the third time in a short period. He joined us at „Night of the Beauties“ in Herdorf, then two weeks later in Nuremberg, and then at this very special evening. Frank, thanks so much for being such a lovely friend!

Thanks to Ronald Jung and Jens Weber, who also supported us this evening. They are also close friends of Effloresce.

My résumé:

Despite those shitty voice problems it was a great evening with good music (Beyond the Bridge and Dante did an amazing job), lovely friends, new fans and some gulps of this epic, strange tasting “Ebbl Woi”.

And the voice??? It was gone for good for about two weeks after that evening, but it was totally worth it!



  • Fernando on said:

    Hello Nicki! Regards from Brazil! Thanks for your kind words and, once again, congratulations to Effloresce for a great rockin’ night at Das Rind and for an amazing album that is Coma Ghosts. When Effloresce tour South America in a future, we’ll sure meet again!

    All the best regards,

    P.S. Would you please correct my blog address? replace the German “.de” with my local domain “”

  • dömsen on said:

    EBBELWOI!!!!!!! \m/

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