Gig Diary Pt V and the beginning of a new “Millenium”

Hello Ladies and Gents!


Finally! We did it! We broke the 1000 likes barrier on Facebook! Thanks to you! We recorded a video of us playing a new tune in the rehearsal room, you can enjoy it here:

Again, thanks for your support over the years, without you we would be nothing :)

Anyway. Let me tell you about the next gig of our little marathon we had over the last weeks. On April 13th we played in Groß Gerau near Frankfurt, Germany. We shared the stage at the Kulturcafé with the beautiful girls (and their also quite handsome drummer guy :P) from Arven. That was, in fact, already the 2nd time at that very venue with the girls – we were there almost a year ago – so a well-proven combination of music, people and location! It was going to be a nice Saturday evening! The day – one of the rare sunny and warm days this year so far – started like every gig day. We met at the rehearsal room, packed all our stuff and rolled away. That was the initial plan. Somehow the whole population of Nuremberg decided that it was a great idea to just also drive…somewhere. So everything took longer than we thought.
We were late for picking up the van plus it then took ages to drive it to the band-room. Luckily, we had our friend Frank Tinge (from Relocator) as some sort of roadie with us, so packing the stuff was quiiiite fast. We left rather late with the van and Frank plus Tobi in Frank’s car. What we didn’t think of, was the fact, that Frank’s satnav was probably not aware of any traffic hotspots. So while we (in the van) avoided the most crowded routes out of Nuremberg, Frank was led directly into a parallel universe where movement is non-existent. Stupid us, not taking care of him :(
An hour on the road, about 30 miles from Nuremberg I decided to give Tobi (in Frank’s car) a ring to see how they were doing. The answer was “Yeah, uh well, we are still quite near the rehearsal room, traffic jams everywhere”……ehhhhh LOL!? So, already quite late anyway and now the drummer in that parallel universe thing….man, we were facing a serious situation!
Anyhow. We arrived a little late. Thanks to Arven’s very good stage setup, and Frank’s insane driving skills, we managed to get ready for rocking the house just before the doors opened including a quick but efficient sound check (Thanks to Jörg). Ufff. So we started our setlist with the mandatory Crib as an opener followed by Spectre Pt. 1. Very nice stagesound, but man it was really foggy in the room as someone decided it would be a good idea to let the fog machine run very frequently o_O.  You could barely see the first row of people. Holy cow. After a little chit chat with the crowd we continued our set with the good old Sear from our EP. Then: Suddenly the guy who was organizing the whole evening came to the stage’s edge and was gesticulating that we must stop playing! We were like…ehhhh WTF?? What is this? What had actually happened was, that the smoke from the machine triggered the fire alarm! We could hear it, when we stopped playing….He told us: “Well eh, the smoke somehow caused the alarm….so….fire brigade will be here in 3 minutes and will be expecting the room to be cleared…so everyone please GET OUT NOW”… LOL !!!! So we and the crowd left the building as quickly as possible and gathered in front of it waiting for the firefighters…..we really had lots of laughters with all the nice people :)
The firefighters came, checked that everything was fine and left again. Probably an expensive evening for the venue… Anyhow – nothing can affect our love for music and playing for you out there! So we just continued where we had stopped (not exactly where we stopped, because it is quite difficult to start Sear at bar 63 on measure 2….). The rest of the show was very nice, we got lots of positive reactions from the crowd and had loads of fun!

The best thing : We have proof on video!

Thank you very much to all who made this evening what it was: AWESOME! And special thankies to Frank for helping us on this day! Ausgezeichnet, krass!

And now I have something personal: That gig was my 10th gig with Effloresce! Wow! 10! Time flies by that fast?! Last year in June I stood on stage for the first time with Nicki, Dave, Tobi and Sebastian. What can I say? It is brilliant. I think I never had so much fun doing something with other people while creating something together. And to be able to put a smile on the faces of people that come to see us playing. I really love it. And I look forward to what will come. Songwriting! Recording! Thank you to everyone who is supporting me. You know who you are.

Cheers and so long,


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