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so, after a very adventurous gig in Groß-Gerau (keywords: traffic jam from hell, fire alarm…), we were heading to the town of Ingolstadt not even one week later. This time we would share the stage with our friends from Dawnspiller, Etox and another band that was yet unknown to us – Valnic. Apart from their lead guitarist, all of the band members are more or less kids, which is quite impressive!

As Ingolstadt is not even one hour away from Nuremberg, getting there was not a big deal this time. Phew! After a seasonable arrival, we set up our equipment, do soundcheck and…wait. We are headlining the event, yeah! That means there’s plenty of time to talk to people, eat pizza and watch the others bands play.  The venue “Ohrakel” is actually quite big and can fit several hundred people. Of course that number was not quite achieved that evening, but a good number people were showing up despite the rainy and cold weather.

Valnic is starting the evening and gets a warm and deserved welcome. These young fellas rocked the stage quite hard and will have a bright future if they continue doing what they are doing! Definitely fun to watch :)!

Up next is Etox, who are playing without a vocalist today!  But to be honest, the music itself is so intense and cool, it doesn’t even feel like there is something missing. Their mesmerizing, Tool-ish Prog-Rock/Metal-mixture does not only fascinate us, but apparently the audience as well.

Next in line is Dawnspiller, a band with which we already shared the stage back in March. They were fun to watch back then, and this time is not exception! Passionate and ambitious are the words that come to my mind first. Expressions that they also use to describe themselves, and we totally approve that!

Last but not least, our turn now! After some warm-ups backstage (or should I say “downstage”, since the backstage-area is actually directly under the stage), we start without problems. “Crib”, “Zorya’s Dawn”, “Sear”, “Shuteye Wanderer”  and so on – stuff we have rehearsed a bazillion times now, and it’s still fun to play live! Of course we always have some fuck-ups, but you never get rid of that completely. Playing goes very well and our sound-man is great to work with…what more could one want! Thanks a bunch to Franz Waldmüller, our man behind the faders! Also, thanks a lot to Ömer Uzunalioglu, a fan who came from Munich to see us, bought the special edition of our album and proudly presented that to the world! Awesome, bro!

Coma Ghosts – making you happy since 2012!

A great evening right down the line, which was joyfully devoid of any “OMG-moments” that usually accompany us at gigs, haha :-D! Thanks to everyone who showed up!

Stay tuned for the last part of our gig-diary (at least for now :-)).


The drummer-bummer



  • Ömer on said:

    …it’s been a pleasure guys! Can’t wait for the next gig :)

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