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Welcome to the last part of our “Spring of 2013 Gig-History” or whatever you call it. Indeed the 4th of May marked the last Efflo-Show for a while and we’re already in full songwriting-mode, but more on that topic in the following weeks. As for now, let’s take a look back at the adventurous stuff that happened on this evening.

It pretty much started out like every gig-day. We all made our way to the rehearsal-room a tad too late due to a pretty crowded Nuremberg City but packed our stuff in a almost record-breaking time. So far so good… let’s head off to Ansbach then, right? 3 cars packed with equipment, merch and whatnot, ready to go! Ehhhh, sort of… we didn’t even manage to get a few feet far because suddenly the brakes on one of our cars suddenly failed. WHAT? Ehhh, yeah… lucky as hell that it happened right next to our rehearsal-room and not on the highway, huh? Far less lucky though that we need to pack five people and all the stuff in two cars now somehow and will be even more late, argh! No gig without adventures, right?

Said and done: two cars then, reduced set of equipment and off to the venue! Which turned out to be a bit hard to find and a bit shabby from the outside. The other bands had already arrived before us and started to build the backline already, very cool. Met some nice and new people and sorted the usual stuff out during the rest of this afternoon. Who is going to play when? Which pieces of gear can we share? The usual things that run smooth when the people are easy to work with and they have been. (Thanks Manu by the way for providing that Blackstar-Cab! Sounded surprisingly amazing!)
The stage turned out pretty big actually and thanks to another very cool sound engineer we managed to get a decent sound quickly during soundcheck. Nice!

Waiting for the event to start when all of a sudden a familiar face turned up! WHAT? Come on… indeed the one and only Frank Alf decided to surprise us and attend this show as well! Nice, thanks for that!

Frank Alf / Ansbach

Nicki, Frank Alf and Chris posing while Eve’s Sorrow rock the stage!

The evening started with a nice show from our rehearsal-room-neighbors of “Eve’s Sorrow”. They pretty much set the mood for the rest of the evening with the symphonic and gothic-esque style of metal. Followed by Saint Astray – the band that set this whole evening up and invited us to play there. Heavy and straightforward metal with a gothic touch. Keyboards and Bass handled by girls, nice! And with the headliner Fragile Child being a two-man-project playing some Industrial-metal with lots of “mechanical sounding elements” and mighty guitars, you easily can tell that we kinda didn’t fit the bill musically. Nevertheless we had huge loads of fun and received a very warm welcome by the crowd when we hit the stage as the third band of the evening. As mentioned the stage was pretty big compared with what we’re used to and I guess we made good use of it! At least we had tons of fun throwing stuff like “Shuteye Wanderer” at the slightly puzzled crowd and to make it even cooler: Coincidentally we met the amazing Julia Notkina who turned out to be a ridiculously talented photographer! (Check out her stuff here:¬† ) So we have a bunch of very very nice pictures from that show. Not online yet, but we’ll let you know when they will be! Till then this must do as a teaser:

So all in all once again we truly had a blast and will miss playing live definitely! But until we hit a stage again, we’re going to be busy with other important stuff like songwriting, ya know?! Don’t worry, we’ll keep you up to date, friends!

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