Farewell to Seb

Stages of life:

Saying goodbye to things that you really love hurts a lot. However, there are things that cannot be changed, and that is why I must tell you that I have left Effloresce. Being a member of the Effloresce-family for almost two and half years is something I never want to forget…so many unforgettable moments and people that have enriched my life, formed me personally and of course demanded a lot from me as well ;-). I never ever thought that I would be a musician and record and co-create an album, let alone being on a stage. That is something I am very proud of, and I thank my friends Dave, Chris, Tobi, Tim and Nicki for this unbelievable success! The love for music will accompany me my whole life. I want to continue making music, but now I have to prioritise other areas of my life which keep me busy up to the hilt, and I’m really thrilled about that! I will not longer be able to devote the time to Effloresce that my friends deserve. I thank you for the great time and wish Effloresce and of course you, dear fans, a wonderful time and a lot of success in every condition of life.

Prog On!


A few words from us:

We wish Sebastian all the best for his future! It is not easy to say farewell to such a talented bassist. Remember folks: When he joined us, he was playing bass for hardly a year. Shortly after, he recorded “Coma Ghosts“ together with us and gave his live-debut at the Generation Prog Festival, sharing the stage with bands like Haken and Exivious. Not a bad start, huh Hightower? 😀 Thanks so much for all the dedication, the great moments and the experiences that you shared with us, gonna miss you brother!



  • Kent Bateman on said:

    Sorry to hear of this :( Good luck to you Sebastian!!! All the best.


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