Long time, no see!

Heyho people of the internet!

It’s been a while since we posted some news here but don’t worry, we did not forget about you! The thing is: We are constantly working on new tunes, and not only is this process pretty time-consuming, but it’s also something that we cannot really brag about every week without showing you what we are talking about, right? So, you probably have to be a bit more patient regarding all those new Efflo-songs, sorry about that…

Speaking of patience: We’re still looking for a bass player of course! That also is a tricky task and we’re in the middle of it. Not easy to find the person that will fit in perfectly, but we’re optimistic and will let you know as soon as something happens on that field of course. Patience, there it is again.And from what I remember we still owe you something, huh?

At least we have a bunch of past gigs listed on our website without photos. Naughty naughty, but we will gradually upload the missing pictures from now on, starting with some amazing shots of the very very special gig with Beyond the Bridge and Dante in Rüsselsheim back in March. In case you forgot what has been so special about that particular show, I recommend checking out this BLOG-entry over here and Nicki will tell you: Adventures adventures!

For those of you who haven’t been aware of the fact that we provide photos for most of the shows we played in the past (thanks to all those various and amazing photographers!) you can view them all here: Just click on the red button that says “PHOTOS” behind the respective show you want check out and enjoy!

That said, let me tease you a bit about the stuff that we’ll put on this site in the upcoming weeks: First of all, of course tons of photos that I just promised you. Then we’ll even might have some moving pictures for you. Videos from shows as well as from the rehearsing room maybe? Or from the legendary Black Cat Studios? Who knows… And it’s very very likely that we’ll have some news from the endorsement-front to share with you as well! Exciting times, really!

See, even though we’re not playing gigs at the moment we’re nowhere near lazy and just working on tons of other stuff. Enjoy the summer, people!

All the best, keep on spreading the word!

Dave  \,,/_


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