Efflo-Shop open // Mark L Custom endorsement

Heyho guys!

Long time no see, huh? Summer, holidays, leisure time… well, that’s probably how the last few weeks must have looked like for most people out there. But not for us actually. We’ve been constantly working and made some very good progress. New tunes are coming together nicely, we’re still looking for a new bass player and besides that…

…our online-shop finally opened its gates! It’s located at and you can find all of our physical CDs there and a good bunch of shirts. Grab ’em people, as long as you can!

Plus: I secretly worked out an endorsement deal with deluxe Polish manufacturer Mark L Custom! I’m using some of their products in order to manage my rig, find out more over here: Endorsements-subpage

All the best, have a great time!
el Davo


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