News, news, news!

Hey rascals!

About time for some updates! First of all, seems like you dig our webshop, huh? Yeah that’s right, this one right here: EFFLO-SHOP
We got quite  a few orders for discs and tees lately, so thanks so much for supporting us and saving us from going broke!
The nice thing about this shop is, we are going to expand it now and then. Actually, we’re going to expand it right now! Brace yourself for the very first Efflo-hoodie jacket (*drum roll*)!:

Effloresce - Coma Ghosts Hoodie

Perfect for the cold season, isn’t it? This beauty is being manufactured at the moment and will ship out in 3 weeks. Which means, preorder now and you have something to put under the Christmas tree!

And speaking of presents, we still got a little raffle going on over on facebook, and you have three guesses what’s the price.

No, not an Effloresce-action figure.
No, not my socks after a gig.
Yes, one of our new hoodies! How did you figure that out!?

So, as no one got the right answer yet, head over to our facebook-page and take a wild guess by sending us a mail! (Gotta say though, some answers were very creative, haha!)


Last but not least we want to say that we’re definitely working on new material, but there’s still some stuff to write for the new album. We’re working on it folks, we’re working on it…

Plus: We are going to announce some very cool news soon, and we’re pretty excited about this already. Pop in now and then and you’ll see ;-)…

Bye for now!



  • Hermes on said:

    Ja ihr seit schon ne Saugeile Bande!

    Keep cool rock hard and take everything as easy as it is!


  • Fernando on said:

    Definitely waiting for an new album.
    Kind regards,


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