Our first show abroad!

Hello! Hello!

Today is a good day, friends! Not only is a wildly bearded guy called “Nikolaus” delivering some presents to children around here, no: You Efflo-Fans shall be given a present, too! Namely: Our very first live-show outside of good old Germany! Yesss!!!
Well, how did that came about? We had the pleasure to share the stage with the wonderful people of EX LIBRIS back in March. Yeah, that absolutely legendary concert in Herdorf that was. And since we got along nicely and stayed in touch after that very special evening, they decided it might be a good idea to invite us to the Netherlands and open for them at their CD-release-show. Well, it IS a good idea, and we will do our very best to please them and first and foremost the Dutch audience!
“Ehhhh, but hang on: You guys still don’t have a bass player, do you?” Ehm, yeah. Unfortunately that’s true. BUT: Not only did they offer us a killer show, their bass player (and fellow brother from the Mayones-Family!) also offered to fill in for that special occasion and is already shredding some Efflo-tunes. Now, that’s something, huh?

Alrighty, to round things up, here are the blank facts:

Ex Libris + Special Guest Effloresce (D)
CD-release-show ‘Medea’
saturday, january 18TH 2014 venue: W2 – den Bosch
Boschdijkstraat 100 5211 VD, ‘s-Hertogenbosch Den Bosch,
Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

You know what to do, friends! Make sure you don’t miss this show! And do not forget to visit our friends from EX LIBRIS on their website, like their facebook and whatnot! Share some love and enjoy the Christmas-time, folks!



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