2014 – let’s get it on!

Heyho Folks!

Happy new year! Is it 2014 already? Gosh, time is passing by way too quickly. For me it has now been one and a half years since I joined the band. Insane.Anyway. Since the second half of 2013 was very quiet gig-wise, we are back on the road again, right now in January! As some of you might have already read on Facebook, we will be playing with our friends from Ex Libris from the Netherlands, who will be releasing their new album “Medea”. This will be in the Netherlands. This means, this is our first international gig! Yay! We are very excited about that and hope we can see some of you guys there as well. So, where and when?

Release Show “Medea”
January 18
W2 Poppodium
Boschdijkstraat 100
5211 VD ‘s-Hertogenbosch Den Bosch

More info here:

Some people might wonder now how we manage to gig without a bass player (no, there is still no bass player, more of that later). Actually ExLibris’ bass player Petter will be helping us out here (thanks dude!!). He also endorses Mayones Guitars and Basses, so this will be a massive feature of these awesome instruments! We’re really looking forward to playing with him.

So, back to the original problem here: We are still looking for a bass player! So if you, you or you have the love and time for the music, then get your a** off the couch, grab the keyboard and drop us a message!

Let 2014 begin with more gigs (there is something cooking!) and more work on new songs – we have already finished a few, but pssssst ­čśë



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    just look at FB and see what i say and share ­čśë


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