Dank je wel!!


Wow people, what a weekend. As we are slowly coming back down to earth and this experience is sinking in slowly, we want to give you a little recap of our first gig abroad in Den Bosch, Netherlands.

And what a gig it was! After arriving near Den Bosch in “Hotel van Giersbergen”, we were welcomed warmly by our friends from ExLibris who made all this possible for us. The accommodation was just perfect, and we could not be happier and more thankful to Ineke and Frans who were the most awesome hosts we could wish for!

Setting all the gear up at the venue W2 Poppodium could not have gone any smoother thanks to the awesome crew, who were just one of the nicest and most professional people we ever had the pleasure to work with. Thanks so much to Mariëtte and Leo, the W2 film crew, Patrick for the Honey Jack :-D, Ton, Wouter, Albert and Niek for the photos, and everybody we forgot, you are amazing! And a big hug to Barbara for helping us out with the merch sale!

Before the gig, our friend Marcel Haster from Live Prog showed up and interviewed us. So great to finally meet you dude! In case you don’t know the man, he did this great video-review of  “Coma Ghosts”:

Check out his Live Prog-Channel for more cool reviews! We’re really looking forward to seeing the interview! Of course we will inform you as soon as it’s online.

So, as you know we do not have a bassist at the moment, right? Well, on this evening, we had one. No less a person than ExLibris’ bassist, Peter Den Bakker, has offered to help us out. At our gig with ExLibris in 2013 we already saw this bass-animal at work, so when he offered to step in that night, all our hearts probably skipped a beat. And oh boy, what a great player this guy is…to make things even more crazy: Apart from a few dry runs in the living room we did not even rehearse with him before the gig! He just went on stage and nailed it like a boss! Insane, totally insane man. Check out “Shuteye Wanderer” with him to get an idea:

You probably cannot hear it anymore (but we don’t care :-D): Dank je wel! THANK YOU Peter, Koen, Eelco, Dianne and Paul, we will see you again!



Tobi // Effloresce


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