Happy Birthday “Coma Ghosts”!

Hey Gang!

Woohoo, so it’s already been two years since our little baby has been unleashed to please your ears, huh? Amazing how time flies and pretty amazing as well how much joy and wonderful things this album has brought to us! The recording process already was a blast, the release show even more… lots of gigs, radio appearances, interviews and most recently our very first show abroad. All of this never would have been possible without that record and without all of you showing so much love and support! So here’s a huge THANK YOU to all of you out there who bought the record, spread the word, helped us with promo, photos, at shows and so on and on and on… You’re simply the best!

To all of you who have no copy of “Coma Ghosts” yet, want to buy another one as a gift or want to make a friend finally buy it or whatever: We decided to celebrate the second birthday of our latest record with some discount in our merch-store over at
You can buy both editions of the album and the brand-new hoodies at a special price from now all the way through February 2014. Make us happy, make yourself happy and buy the hell out of our supplies!

We also will look back a bit at the history of the record and how it all came about in the upcoming weeks. Check back for some funny stories, behind the scenes-footage and stupid chitchat. Let’s celebrate this birthday together, folks!



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