What’s cooking in the album-kitchen?

Howdy peeps!

Happy Easter and whathaveyou! Hope you don’t mind some updates from the album-kitchen? As you might know we’re in songwriting-mode at the moment, and are actually making some good progress.
Right now we have five new songs, and so far we’re very pleased with them. Of course they still need some tweaks here and there, but the basic arrangements are more or less finished. So, here’s some sort of sneak peek, in no particular order:

• What sounds like it could be the opener of the album has some very, errr….“interesting“ time signatures going on, especially in the chorus. We are more than excited to hear what you think about this. However, it definitely has a nice groove and a catchy quality to it, so we hope you don’t want to lynch us after the very first song of the album.

• Then there’s a song that you might recognize from some bits and pieces we showed you in a short video on our youtube-channel . Growls, fast double bass, flute, relaxed parts – it’s all in there.  That one’s definitely a lot of fun to play!

• The sequel to the Spectre-story started out as a very relaxed tune. It turned out to be pretty much the exact opposite when the whole thing was done. This might be the heaviest song on the album, so get ready for some evil-sounding stuff here!

• The newest member of the song-family would be the ballad, and it’s just a beautiful little baby. The interesting thing to note here: There are almost no straight time signatures in there, but it does not feel like that at all (at least for us). This will be a song that will make you raise the lighters/smartphones and hug the person next to you at a concert. Yes, even if you don’t know him/her.

• The fifth song, well…how do you describe something that has round about 17 minutes in length? It has some sort of mountainous, parabolic structure, but other than that, I guess you just need to hear it in order to make any sense of it. It’s a challenge for your ears, that’s for sure.

Currently we try to come up with an instrumental, let’s see how this will go. And when this is done, and all the wrinkles are ironed out, we might actually have an album that’s ready to be recorded. Mind you, we’re still looking for someone who fills the vacant spot of the bassist, so it also depends on that.

Hope we made your mouth water enough now! And now, let’s get back to work…



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