Guitar Porn and a little album update


We have a new member in our circles! Well, actually it is not human, and it is made from wood (“wood” ehhh huhuhuhuhu). It is *drumroll* Dave’s new guitar! Dave sold his Adonis-like body to the Playgirl magazine and got himself a brandnew custom Mayones Regius 7. Woot!? Dude I am jealous now – of course of the guitar, not of your magazine deal..


Nah, just joking. Dave got an amazing new 7 string Mayones Regius guitar, a beautiful instrument including an extra low-end string (Dave is wasting loads of strings, so an extra one is actually something useful…). That means, in the future there will be more evil guitars than ever before in our sound! Our new songs already incorporate that in some parts, so be ready to crank up your woofers and warn your neighbours!
Speaking of….new songs!
We talked about those in earlier blog entries, that we are working on them, getting along quite good, blah blah. But, today, I can tell you folks, we are VERY far with all the riffs and rolls, fills and growls, brutal parts and quiet bits. We reached that point in our songwriting process where we are actually starting to pre-record the stuff to be prepared for the days in the studio. That means, you guys can look forward to a new album incoming…soon-ish. Or not, since we all are kinda perfectionists and want to deliver the best we can. But yeah, we’re working on it and we will announce details and more info as soon as we can tell something really definite. Excitement! Some epic stuff is going on in the songs, I can tell you.
For me, personally, this is also extra-exciting, as I joined Efflo after Coma Ghosts. So playing that stuff always had a little “cover”-character, as I just played what was already written. Now I am part of the songs, my ideas are part of the sound and have an influence on the songs. I hope you will like the new songs as much as we do.



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