Winter is coming…

Howdy friends!

Something magic happened at our concert at Luise Cultfactory some time ago. We gigged for the first time after quite a while. Well, gigging itself isn’t that unusual for a band, but for us it was something special. First, as you already might know, there has been an addition to our lineup in person of Julian on the bass and this was the first gig with him. Dude! You. rock. bigtime! Second, as everyone who was actually there already witnessed, we played a new song! We were quite excited playing it in front of an audience for the first time. We hope you enjoyed “Butterflies”. There is more where that came from!

For those who could not be there, you at least have the chance to visually recreate the evening’s impressions here! Thanks so much to Daniela Adelfinger and Alexander Göhs for these great pics!


Speaking of new songs: There is something going on guys! When we decided to play a new song last Friday, we actually had to choose between our new songs :). We decided to go with “Butterflies”, as this is the oldest of them and we felt quite safe playing it. But: There is more! More songs! There is some finetuning here and there to be done, but most of the songs (no, I wont tell you how many songs there are 😉 ) are DONE. We are still working on some riffs and stuff for an the last track, but we hope to be finished with that one in the near future. And after that, plans for world domination will be made!

And by the way, the end of the year is not that far away, and for all you guys in the northern hemisphere that means, WINTER – cold temperatures and grey skies. We still have a bunch of warm and cozy Efflo-hoodies in stock. The perfect gift for yourself or a beloved proghead among your friends and family! Grab ’em while you can here!

Effloresce - Coma Ghosts Hoodie




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