Conquering the castle of prog and other shenanigans…

Hidiho Folks!

or..”Grissgoddle”, as they say in southwestern Germany :).
Because, wow guys, we had an amazing gig at the very first Prog The Castle-Festival in Heidelberg last weekend! In case you missed it, it was a two-day format featuring loads of interesting bands, playing a well-mixed selection of progressive music. Just to mention them all: Crystal Palace, Traumhaus, Anvision, RPWL, Argos, Neverdream, Also Eden, Elora and Anubis. You guys rock!

It was a great pleasure sharing the stage with them in the fabulous Heidelberg Castle. This is a KILLER location! The beautiful architecture and the perfect atmosphere made the event very special. The festival’ish event was organized by the lovely Manuela Opilio and Brian Dade from Delicious Irony (definitely check them out here: Big love to both of you guys, and thanks for making that possible!

Effloresce rocking the stage at Prog the castle 2015

The Efflo-train on full steam!

More pictures coming soon! We hope PTC 2015 was not the last time we meet. 😉

So…now that we are back in our cozy rehearsal room and the next gig’s not coming up before October (Femme Festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands), what to do…what to do…? Ah right! Wasn’t there something cooking? RIGHT! We have a bunch of finished songs for the new album. And we are ready to do the most important thing with them: Record them! There will be some news coming up in the near future, as we have planned something involving all of you guys :) Better be ready!

Gentlemen, start you engines!




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