A few days on the road

Heyho gang!

It’s been a while since we hit the stage, but man… last week was absolutely mad! We’ve had the pleasure to play three shows in a row and it was a real blast! We truly missed the spotlight, the thrill, the heat and most of all: meeting some of you awesome folks out there! But let’s slow things down and do a proper recap here. So, what are we talking about?

Day 1, March 31st // Das Rind, Ruesselsheim

do_morningA sunny Thursday morning marks the beginning of our andventurous journey. Van is packed, band is pumped and off we go to the wonderful city of Ruesselsheim. Usually a 2-2.5 hour drive. So we cautiously calculated and decided to start 3 hours before we were supposed to arrive. Well, that didn’t work out too well… 3 massive traffic jams plus a building site more or less right in front of the venue made us drive around like idiots for over 4 hours in total. Which sucked, because the other bands needed some gear that we promised to provide for soundcheck, oh dear… In the end everything worked out just in time before doors opened, pheeeew…
Ah yeah, I mentioned some other bands… District 97 (USA) and Dave Kerzner Band (GB) to be precise. We opened that international evening and had plenty of time to check out the shows of the other acts. District 97 delivered a very energetic and amazing performance and Dave Kerzners group closed the evening with very mature and well-engineered compositions. A very enjoyable evening all in all. We also met a lot of friends and had good talks and laughs. From those three evenings this was the only one where our regular bass-animal Julian was able to join us. So he rocked extra hard and put on an awesome show! Thanks, mate…

Day 2, April 1st // Neuberinhaus, Reichenbach

fr_morningreichenbach_plakatAfter a champion-like breakfast we took off to Reichenbach. This time with no traffic jams at all. Consequently we arrived quite relaxed and excited. Even a bit surprised. For some reason it was cold over there and they even had some snow, ouch! The venue was beautiful and huge. We’re clearly not used to dimensions like that. Top notch catering, our own backstage area and super-friendly crew everywhere – wow! Oh, and the line-up was pretty impressive as well, as you can see on the poster right here. Thank God literally everyone involved was experienced and professional, so we managed to start off without a proper soundcheck and everything went great anyway! Thanks again to the guy on the mixing desk and all stagehands, very good job. Oh, and I think we also have delivered quite a show. As unusual as it was playing on such a big stage, we managed to make the most of it I guess. Definitely good fun and something we could get used to, I assume. Our backup-bassmonkey Peter did great – thanks once more for your company and help, brother! And as if all of this wouldn’t be cool enough we even made it into the press the other day! Big shout-out to the man who made it all happen in the first place: Mr. Uwe Treitinger! You rock, sir!

Day 3, April 2nd // Luise, Nuremberg

sa_morningWhat would be better than finishing a nice run of gigs at home? Exactly: Nothing! That’s why we look so happy on this picture. Happy to share the stage with the amazing District 97 for a third night in a row and happy to meet our friends Dante again. Once more our friend Peter helped us out on bass and he even dressed as Batman this time. Speaking Dutch and ruling at bass are his superpowers apparently. Our collective superpower that evening was: Playing as if everything was perfectly fine, despite a slightly questionable on-stage-sound. Good fun nevertheless and I guess we have played a very good gig anyway. A bunch of friends came out to enjoy the evening and among them some kickass photographers. A huge “THANK YOU” goes out to Daniela and Flo for patiently taking lots of pictures of our silly faces. Those three shows definitely felt like a mini tour, and if only we could make a living with playing for you guys all the time…

Thanks for coming out and making every show a special memory for us! It will probably take a while until we hit the road again. Which sucks a bit… but on the other hand it’s good, because it means: recording-time! There’s still this other little project we have going on called “album”. Stay tuned for news and check back soon!


photo by Florian Stangl //

photo by Florian Stangl //


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