Welcome to our new homepage! (Christmas present no. 1)

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas…” and so on. You probably can’t hear it any longer.

Nevertheless, we have something for you under the tree as well. During the last few weeks, we have put together this nice and shiny new homepage for you!
You will notice that there’s a couple of sections to browse through here:
Of course you can also check the latest news, live dates, pics and reviews here, but we have added some background information of each member in the form of little questionnaires as well.
Additionally, the page will continue to grow in order to keep adjusted to a couple of new gimmicks that we are currently planning.
So, come by, leave a comment, and hopefully you will enjoy our little questionnaires as much as we did putting them together 😉
Merry X-Mas to y’all!
Rudolph the red nose drummer


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