February News Flash

Hey folks,

time for ye ol’ news update:

Not long to go until we hit the stage again to play the very first live show of the “Generation Prog” project! We’re pretty excited about this, to say the least. Speaking of which, pre-ordered tickets are being sent out now.
If you should belong to the fringe group of people who do not have a ticket yet, there’s some first aid for you: Since this event is presented by the local radio station “afk max” and their prog show “Progdependent”, you can tune in on Sunday, 6 February, at 8 p.m. & Thursday, 10 February, 10 p.m., and win some free tickets!


Up next is a nice new German review of the “Shades of Fate”-EP on the online metal zine Check this out:

Last but not least, let’s take a peek into what’s cooking in the album-kitchen. By now, we have about 40 minutes of new material (yes Sir, that’s four songs ;-)). Pretty exciting and epic stuff  I can tell ya! We’re currently writing the final material, and as usual when we write stuff we do not know what will come out at the end . However, you can expect at least five songs on the record, and maybe some little sonic goodies as well. Can’t really tell when we will start recording at the moment, but we’ll definitely hit the studio this year.

Hope to see a lot of you guys on 11 February!

not the new Dream Theater drummer


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