Generation Prog – pics & press reactions

Welly welly welly!

I’d say that was a pretty successful night, people! Crowd size was just right and we had a lot of fun rocking the place. Dante and Relocator delivered great performances as well, so take a look at the live section to get an impression of what this was all about. It was a very special night for us and we hope that there will be a part two in the near future!

There even was a German online newspaper article about the concert, with more pictures of Dante and Relocator, as well as an  interview with Relocator-bassist Michael Schetter, who mounted this whole event. Check it out: Generation Prog Live – NN.  Very  special thanks to Christian Urban (article / interview) and Tobias Stich (pictures) for that!

We’re looking forward to play some more shows like this one this year, so feel free to contact us concerning booking for live gigs! We  won’t bite. Most of the time.

With that said, we’ll go back to being creative and writing the final bits and pieces to complete the album-puzzle. The people who showed up at the gig had the opportunity to hear some new material already, and there’s more where that came from. Stay tuned…

`nuff said,



  • Frank on said:

    New material sounded rocking! Very much in vein with the stuff on the EP, which I really enjoy.

    You guys rocked the houzizzle!

    Best of luck and enjoy the ride of writing and recording and releasing that album!

    Best regards from Holland!

    Frank with his retro vinyl gear.

    • effloresceonline on said:

      Hey, Franky the Vintage-Man! Glad you dig it dude.
      Hope you had a good ride back home. And some more great time when you finally got home.
      Cheers man, see you next show!

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