Studio Update I – Drums finished

Well, what can I say…

I’m friggin’ SICK of playing those goddamn drums!!

Nah, just kiddin’. Music Mountain Studios (birthplace of the Shades of Fate-EP) was haunted  by us once again on Thursday, 23 June 2011. After three days of banging the living hell out of delicious sounding drums & shiny golden metal plates (plus enjoying some awesome catering!), I’m happy and relieved that it went surprisingly smooth. Some of the parts gave me a hard time I have to say. Think I’m gonna switch to viola or triangle on the next one. However, judging by the facial expression on the studio photos viewable below, you clearly can see that our joy knew no boundaries during the recording process. The drum geeks among you can also have a look what kind of cymbals were abused during the last three days.

What’s next? Well, my fellow egg slicer-players will probably start recording their parts very soon, aiming to finish the guitar stuff by the end of July (this year, hopefully).





Also, the running order of the Generation Prog-Festival on 23 & 24 September 2011 in Nuremberg was announced lately:

Friday, 23 September:
23:00 Haken
21:30 Exivious
20:00 Effloresce
19:00 Ocean Spout

Saturday, 24 September:
22:30 Andromeda
21:00 Relocator
20:00 To-Mera
19:00 Theory of Elements

Might be that Haken and Exivious switch slots due to the stage setup of Exivious. More news coming soon!


not the new drummer of Nevermore


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