Studio Update II – Album progress and other stuff

Hello Effloresce-followers!

Well, time for an update I guess. We have some stuff going on simultaneously regarding our upcoming little collection of songs, which you may wait for. Let’s start:

1. Guitars are still being recorded as I write this. We’re slowly getting somewhere I think. But I’m so deeply involved in the whole process, that I really can’t tell how it will turn out at the moment. I play and shred, record, cut, redo parts and so on… till I barely can tell if it sounds good or bad. Need some distance on that one… Tim will very soon record his parts and we are supposed to be done with all of that stuff by the end of August. Then it’s vocal-time! Yay!

2. Artwork: When I’m not recording, Nicki and I are working on the album cover and booklet. We shaped out a nice little concept, and it seems like it has already  been approved by the other guys in the band. Very happy with it so far and can’t wait to share it with you guys as soon as possible! Along with song titles by the way, which we are also still working on. The whole thing slowly gains momentum and the big picture evolves…

3. Pictures: Well, it’s about time to have some nice, fresh pictures, isn’t it? Just to let you know how we look like these days. So, we booked a cool guy with an expensive camera and some knowledge for next sunday and will have a nice photo-shoot with him! New promo-pics on the way I’d say, as well as some photos for the album booklet. Plus… hmmmmh, a little surprise I guess. 😉 Wait and see!

4. Generation Prog Festival: Last but not least the tickets for the Prog-Festival in September that we mentioned a few posts ago can be ordered like… now! There are some cool packages for people who like to spend both evenings in Nuremberg, stay overnight at a 4-star-hotel and have a Prog-Blast. However, the number of rooms available is limited and the offer is valid only until August 25, so be quick, people! It’ll be absolutely worth it, I promise!
For further info, pricing and all the details, visit the shop:
For information about the cool event itself and the latest updates, go to:

Well, since that post is already too long anyway:

Cya people
Dave the geetar guy


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