Studio Update III – the slaughter’s chick entered the studio

Alright folks,

the slaughter’s chick entered the studio.
Summary of the first two days:

Four out of five songs are done, which means vocals, growls and flute ^^.
Several one take wonders, an overmodulating microphone while recording growls (due to the inner tension caused by lack of coffee), followed by almost sudden deafness by my dear bandmate Tobi, who dared to check out my growling live in the vocal cabin. Frozen food, felt 30 litres of hot lemonade with honey, and one FAXE-beer…all that you need for a good nutrition! And of course a lot of nons-ENZ (you know us), some misheard lyrics, additions to the spider family (details about that to be revealed soon), AND: one hell of a deep sleep after those two days.

Last day of my vocal recordings for this album will rock the studio on 10 September.
Altogether I had a blast working with Markus and Chris again – thanks a lot to those guys at this point!
Looking forward to the last day in the studio :)


heavy määäätül






  • Anselm Steiner on said:

    Mach keine Faxe!

    Already looking forward to your GenerationProg-gig and the album – I’m so happ I could s*** :p


    ps: Ihr habt ja immer noch kein fav-Icon *klugscheiss*

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