Coma Ghosts

After having a blast recording our EP at Music Mountain Studios, we decided that we would haunt that studio again to record our first full-lenght album. At least when it comes to drums, vocals, djembe and acoustic guitars. Bass, electric guitars and keyboards were tracked by using some neat home recording tools. After completing the recordings, which took place mostly during summer and fall of 2011, we got help from a well-known dude from Sweden: No less a person than Edge of Sanity’s Dan Swanö was charged with the task of giving the album a sound that just blew us away. And not only that, but it turned out that the guy is just one of the coolest, most down-to-earth people out there. Recording this album sometimes was a pain it the butt for sure, but in the end we were happy as a sandboy when we finally held the finished product in our hands.  “Coma Ghosts“ was released on 10 February 2012 via Generation Prog Records and received a warm welcome by both the metal and the prog community.

Trivia: We initially wanted to record a vuvuzela for the album, but we just couldn’t find the right spot for it. Is this a good or a bad thing? We will never know….

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Shades of Fate

Summer 2009: Here we were, virginal and innocent, recording our first musical output. The 3 track EP was almost entirely cut at Music Mountain Studios in Diepersdorf, Germany, where the mixing and mastering took place as well. The bass was recorded by home recording, since our bassist at that time had a injured hand, which didn’t allow him to play anything at the time at which the studio was booked. Bad luck! But we managed to pull it off and would have loved to suck each other’s balls after that. The first CD was done, yeah! And the catering in that studio was just delicious by the way. “Shades of Fate“ was self-released in December 2009, and showed the first bud of a flower that would soon grow beyond our expectations.

Trivia: The song „Pavement Canvas“, which ended up on our first full-length, almost made it on the EP. But hey, a record with 40 minutes and four songs? That would have been far too strange…

Check out what the press has to say about “Shades of Fate”:



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