With the release of their “Shades of Fate”-EP in late 2009, the five-piece from Nuremberg/Germany laid the foundation to establish a signature sound, boasting heavy guitars, atmospheric mellotron sounds and complex rhythmic patterns. Singer Nicki’s stunning range comprises crystal clear vocals as well as raw death metal growls; however, she also contributes flute sounds to the songs’ more mellow moments. Effloresce’s songs express emotions and mirror the band’s technical capabilities without sacrificing musicality or listenability. Effloresce are also a committed live band and manage to capture their songs’ atmosphere, energy and depth just as much in front of audiences as in the studio. Speaking of which, Effloresce released their first full-length album “Coma Ghosts” in early 2012, which has been mixed and mastered by swedish legend Dan Swanö and received enthusiastic reviews by both the prog and the metal community.

Check out those tabs for more info on the respective member:

  • 1. MUSICAL BACKGROUND: I started singing at the age of five. My mother took me to a children’s choir and I was singing german kindergarden-songs like: “Wer hat die Kokosnuss geklaut?”. That was a lot of fun but being the best singer, there was a lot of jealousy (children, you know?). So I decided to practice at home – alone. Just me and MTV, I found myself singing and dancing to bands like Queen and many many others. For not being only a singer, I started my “flute career” at the age of 6. While learning notes and rhythm stuff, I also decided to learn the most beautiful instrument – the violin. I loved it and I tried to practice as good as I could, but it sounded no better than an old rocking chair nevertheless. So I went back to my talents, started singing again in a choir (for almost 8 years) and learned to play transverse flute; that was a great time. After school I tried to earn some money with music and became part of a coverband. Holy crap! I shouldn’t talk about it, quite embarrassing BUT it was a good experience. Over the past few years I worked with some different bands of various genres, but NOW I finally found what I was looking for in EFFLORESCE. Nothing better could have happened!!!
  • 2. FIRST BOUGHT RECORD: Erasure “Always”
  • 3. THREE RECORDS FOR THE DESERT ISLAND: Blackfield “Blackfield” (melancholic times) – Abba “Greatest Hits” (Party Stuff) – Epica “Design your Universe” (for the “swinging my hips and shaking the hair”-moments)
  • 5. FAVOURITE 80′S CARTOON/SERIES: Masters of the Universe, The Jetsons and many many more…
  • 6. FAVOURITE MOVIE QUOTE: „Say Hello To My Little Friend“ (Tony Montana in “Scarface”)
  • 7. POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ASPECT OF BEING IN THE BAND: Positive: Talking a lot of crappy stuff (people would never understand what it is about, but I like ^^). Having fun at rehearsal and on stage. Writing tricky songs. Negative: We’re always out of beer after a few minutes, because one of my band members loves it just tooooo much… oh, actually it’s me, huh?
  • 8. FAVOURITE (UNCONVENTIONAL) VENUE TO GIG IN ONCE: Not that unconventional but the Amphitheatre at the famous Loreley (where Night of the Prog takes place every year) would be absolutely amazing.

  • 1. MUSICAL BACKGROUND: I started drumming when I was 15, basically because I was getting fascinated more and more by drummers in music videos. Can’t really tell why, but the energy of those guys rocking the kit like hell and at the same time being the pumping heart of the band just did it for me. Don’t know if owning a tiny children’s drum set as an infant had anything to do with it…Anyway, when I was 18 I joined my first band, in which Dave joined as a guitar player not so long after. At that time I practiced like hell and really developed my timing and accuracy skills. In the end, that’s what is vital for playing in a band like Effloresce.
  • 2. FIRST BOUGHT RECORD: “laut!” by German band J.B.O.
  • 3. THREE RECORDS FOR THE DESERT ISLAND: Images & Words (Dream Theater), Judgement (Anathema), Back to Times of Splendor (Disillusion)
  • 4. ONE RECORD THAT NO ONE WOULD EXPECT YOU TO HAVE: Curse “Von Innen nach Außen”
  • 5. FAVOURITE 80′S CARTOON/SERIES: Galaxy Rangers, Brave Starr, Saber Rider
  • 6. FAVOURITE MOVIE QUOTE: “Did they look like psychos? Is that what they look like? They were vampires. Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits ‘em, I don’t give a fuck how crazy they are.”
    (From Dusk Till Dawn)
  • 7. POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ASPECT OF BEING IN THE BAND: Positive: Chicks and wrecking hotel rooms. Some day.
    Negative: Don’t be in this band if you want to keep your sanity. You don’t have to be crazy and have a weird humor to do this, but it certainly helps.
  • 8. FAVOURITE (UNCONVENTIONAL) VENUE TO GIG IN ONCE: Titty Twister bar. As long as I can misuse my cymbals as flying guillotines when all hell breaks loose.

  • 1. MUSICAL BACKGROUND: I started with flute in elementary school, moved to piano lessons at the age of 11 or something and started playing guitar at the age of 13. Pretty much because all musicians that I thought were cool at that time were playing guitar. Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Slash, James Hetfield and a bit later Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. I always wanted to be just as cool as they were…
  • 2. FIRST BOUGHT RECORD: A cheap Metallica-Bootleg from a Canada-Gig in ’92
  • 3. THREE RECORDS FOR THE DESERT ISLAND: Pink Floyd “Animals” – Opeth “Deliverance” – Dream Theater “Six Degrees of inner Turbulence”
  • 4. ONE RECORD THAT NO ONE WOULD EXPECT YOU TO HAVE: The Greatest Hits of Burt Bacharach (I really love his tunes!)
  • 5. FAVOURITE 80′S CARTOON/SERIES: Among tons of awesome cartoons I still love “Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs” the most. Not least because of its amazing intro song in the German version.
  • 6. FAVOURITE MOVIE QUOTE: All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don’t break them for no one. (Tony Montana in “Scarface”)
  • 7. POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ASPECT OF BEING IN THE BAND: There are tons of positive aspects being in the band. Hanging out with people you like and respect, creating something out of nothing, going through various adventures and having common goals is great. A lot of teamwork and spirit involved, I dig that a lot!
    Negative: I’m always broke because I spend lots of money for equipment and band-related stuff.
  • 8. FAVOURITE (UNCONVENTIONAL) VENUE TO GIG IN ONCE: I’d love to perform in some sort of ancient building with thousands of years of history. The Colosseum in Rome would be amazing!

  • 1. MUSICAL BACKGROUND: Hmmm, everyone in Germany has to play the flute in basic school, but honestly that does not count, as 25 six years olds probably dont really make music in a way that anyone would possibly like…
    Anyway..I started playing the drums with around 10 I think, when my mum got tired of me destroying all the buckets in our house with any stick-like things I found. I took some private lessons, which were very nice.
    I also started playing the piano at around the same age I think in secondary school, which was a special music secondary school.
    At the age of 14 my sister started playing the guitar and I tried it too then. I quickly realized that this was gonna be my favourite instrument. I listened to stuff like Guns N’ Roses and Metallica, so that influenced my style in the very beginning.
    Interestingly I met Dave during that time and we had lessons together in school, which is actually quite funny considering where we met again 15 years later :).
    Somehow my musical likings shifted towards Rap/HipHop in the late 90s and somehow I discovered my talent for DJing, especially the art of turntablism. I won a battle, had a little band with a MC and stuff. Quite a nice time, I picked up stage experience and so on…
    Anyway my passion for the hard side of music never went away and neither did the guitar. I started playing and practicing more and more over the last couple of years again. Well and here we are today :).
  • 2. FIRST BOUGHT RECORD: Ouhhh that is a really big embarrassment…..The single “Everything I do” from Bryan Adams…. LOL
    1) Dream Theatre ‘Octavarium’
    2) Machined Head ‘The Blackening’
    3) Opeth ‘Deliverance’
  • 4. ONE RECORD THAT NO ONE WOULD EXPECT YOU TO HAVE: Dschingis Khan – ‘Dschingis Khan’ (1979) on vinyl…..
  • 5. FAVOURITE 80′S CARTOON/SERIES: Saber Rider of course!
    Hamid: What’s that?
    Rambo: It’s blue light.
    Hamid: What does it do?
    Rambo: It turns blue.
  • 7. POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ASPECT OF BEING IN THE BAND: Positive: Creating and playing music with people, inspiring each other, laughing a LOT, talking a lot of non-sens :).
    Negative: Cannot really see a big negative aspect right now. Ok, music is an expensive thing, but the positive sides of making music are priceless. So…
  • 8. FAVOURITE (UNCONVENTIONAL) VENUE TO GIG IN ONCE: I love the Scottish Highlands! There are millions of cool places with incredible landscape and/or history. Something like that.


  • 1. MUSICAL BACKGROUND: Yeah man, it was a wonderful day! Think it was back in ’99 I’ve started. It was an indescribably moment for me when I plopped off the cap and enjoyed the first sip… oh stop, we don’t talk about beer? Musical background? Oh damn…Okay, that’s a really tedious story dude. I was 16 yrs old and my life was just as boring as my face looked like. I wanted to change something and get a bunch of chicks, so I bought myself a guitar and started playing. Later that year  – not a single chick was coming – I bought my first bass, because I wanted to play in a band. Two months later I had a beautiful girlfriend. Haha, everything seemed to be easier on bass guitar. For ten years I’ve played both instruments, but the bass rated higher for me. I played guitar in a band which got an US deal on Unique Leader Records. After we decided to part, I never took the guitar up again seriously, just for songwriting. Besides, every third dude was able to play the sickest shit on guitar, but no one noticed the bass player. I wanted to change this. So I decided that this should be my instrument, and I quickly learned to play technical, progressive songs. That was when I pushed myself to the next step and improved my skills considerably.
  • 2. FIRST BOUGHT RECORD: I think it was the „Deeper Underground“-Single of Jamiroquai.
    1) Periphery’s self titled debut
    2) Animals As Leaders’ debut
    3) Fallujah’s The Harvest Wombs
  • 4. ONE RECORD THAT NO ONE WOULD EXPECT YOU TO HAVE: Atomic Kitten – Eternal Flame single. Given to me by my first girlfriend in Ireland 13 years ago.
  • 5. FAVOURITE 80′S CARTOON/SERIES: Dude, in the 80s I played with sand and learned to shit into a toilet in my spare time.
  • 6. FAVOURITE MOVIE QUOTE: „You know what? There is no Easter Bunny! That over there is just a disguised asshole!!”
  • 7. POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ASPECT OF BEING IN THE BAND: Positive: To meet new awesome bands and people, play at locations and in cities you’ve never been to before and getting better on your instrument.
    Negative: Wasting too much time and money for bad gear.
  • 8. FAVOURITE (UNCONVENTIONAL) VENUE TO GIG IN ONCE: I’d love to play in an old castle or in a strip club



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