About Effloresce and Mayones Guitars

Dave and Chris are currently endorsing superb guitars from Mayones. Mayones Guitars & Basses is a small Polish guitar manufacturer, which is known for its handcrafted masterpieces since the early 1980s. Dave and Chris both are playing a customized version of Mayones’ infamous Setius PRO6 guitar. Check out what they have to say about it: Dave: “Since I picked up a Mayones guitar at Musikmesse in Frankfurt years ago I wanted to own one. I’ve been floored by the look and feel right away and the closer I looked at it the more love to detail I witnessed. Not sure why it took me that long to finally get one of those sexy guitars, but it was worth the wait for sure! Being a part of the Mayo-family along some of my musical idols still seems a bit unreal, but it feels damn good! My wonderful Setius PRO6 delivers everything I could ever ask from a guitar. In addition to its incredible looks, it sounds and feels simply amazing and it’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Soundwise it covers a wide range of tone which perfectly fits the diverse soundscapes we are creating in Effloresce. From crispy cleans to brutal and juicy crunch sounds and way beyond, everything seems possible with that axe…” Chris: “I have been diggin’ the Mayones range of products for years and knew, boy you have to get one of these one day. Finally this dream came true, and without any hesitation I can say, this instrument is the perfect guitar. It is so extremely well built and absolutely gorgeous. It stays in tune so well, I can leave it in the case for a week after a gig, take it out, and e voilà, still in tune. This guitar introduced a never experienced confidence to my playing and offers a wide variety of sounds, from lush and mild clean tones over brutal riffplaying to singing leadsounds. I tried many guitars before, but I guess I have finally found the right one. I am damn proud to be part of the Mayo-family” Head over to Mayones homepage and have a look: www.mayones.com


Dave inks an endorsement deal with Mark L Custom

Just like all of us in Effloresce the guys over at Mark L Custom don’t seem to do anything half-assed. Either you do the best you can or you let it be altogether. That and a considerable amount of skill and innovative thinking are obviously the reasons why they come up with absolutely high-end products, which are adored by a constantly growing bunch of artists all over the world.

Being a part of that bunch now makes me proud and happy at the same time. Proud to be considered for an endorsement with a company of that class, and happy to have all of my rig-management problems solved at once.

Using a FX-25ACE MIDI Controller and the corresponding LS-16-Looper enables me to control my amp, pedals and everything in between reliably and with ease, while the tone remains unaffected – which is good for your ears! Besides, I don’t get distracted and can change sounds in the blink of an eye, which leaves more room for the actual performance. This should be good for your eyes and the overall experience during an Effloresce-show, dear fan!

Find out more about their awesome products over here: www.marklcustom.com



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